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You don't have to be number one to win.

And why focusing on your strengths is a superpower.

You don’t have to be number one to win.

It’s so true.

To want to be first means your focus and energy is on winning, and not on being the best version of yourself.

That can be exhausting.

Leave it to everyone else to fight it out in the race for the top.

Once you’re at the very top of the mountain there’s only one way to go anyhow.

You don’t get time to enjoy the view, you have to immediately start to defend your position from attack.

Several decades ago, the rental car agency Avis knew they could never be number one. They couldn’t compete on budget or resources with their main competitor Hertz.

They put this advert out instead.

They claimed a huge advantage by accepting who they were and playing to their strengths.

Here at The Buzz Mcr we’ve always taken the Avis approach.

We can’t compete with the budget and resources of other radio stations.

They have deeper pockets, bigger connections and huge agencies working for them.

But, we don’t have any of the burdens and limitations that come with that.

We can concentrate exclusively on playing the music we want to and on making people feel good.

We don’t have advertisers to please, large payrolls to fulfil each month, and we don’t have to waste time on ad-breaks, news, weather and travel.

We can put all our time into being true to ourselves, and focus on making you feel good through music and our online community - Good Vibe Radio Tribe.

Not entering into a dogfight isn’t resignation either, it’s not apathy - it’s total acceptance of who you are and how to use your resources properly.

It’s actually a superpower.

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