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Musical cake for your ears.

The magical musical mayhem of The Big Slice Radio boys.

Here at The Buzz, we feel very lucky to have such a wonderful array of DJs and presenters, most of whom have been with us since the very start.

It's the perfect coming together of hive-minded souls with one main common value - we are all passionate about music. We love it above everything else, and we want to bring the very best music to our listeners.

In the early days of creating The Buzz, we chanced upon two incredible souls who were as excited about music as we both were; Denis Ferrige and Paul Owen. We got chatting and hit it off straight away. We shared the same vision and passion for music, and so we took a chance with one another - they saw something in us, and us in them.

And almost three years later, we're both still going strong together.

We've both grown and learnt on the job. They've built an incredible weekly show on the station, The Big Slice Radio Show, and we've built The Buzz Mcr.

But, unless you've been listening to them every week, and pieced together the little snippets that they share about their lives - you possibly don't know a lot about how these two guys found one another and came to create The Big Slice brand.

So, we thought it was about time that we let you know a bit more about them because when you do it adds a whole other dimension to their weekly banter and chemistry.

Paul and Den were two mates from Primary school.

They spent their formative years going to night clubs - mostly underage - and working the same Saturday jobs on the market in Newton Heath.

Paul joined the army and served for many years in distant lands, and The Middle East, with music being his main escapism while upon his various travels.

Den found music, but in a different way, and he formed a band.

Reunited years later, when Paul returned home from Belgium and went to watch Den’s band. There and then The Big Slice partnership was then forged.

They’ve been completely inseparable and immersed in the Manchester music scene for over 10 years. They put on gigs, open mic sessions, they even blagged their own TV music show for 3 1/2 years on That’s TV.

They’ve created ambitious music festivals, all the while consistently honing and crafting their radio show. It has been described as, “the love child of BBC 6 Music and Radio X”.

In the 2 hours the show airs, they cherry pick 4 new songs from 4 new artists who they’re excited about, and nicely slice them together with the cult, the classic and the cool.

Their first show together aired at Manchester Radio Online in the well respected and gritty Ducie Bridge Pub, which is sadly no more. Under the wing of legendary landlord Dave Foran (Dairylea Dave) and later taken on by Paul Ripley (Rippers) at FAB Radio International they made The Big Slice Radio Show better, and a little bit sweeter each time.

They aired for the first time on The Buzz Mcr on August 23rd 2020 and have been a weekly regular, appointment to listen, ever since.

Now at a point where they are able to finish each other's sentences and produce shows that are edgy and funny as well as playing the best new music around.

They have the most listened to radio show featuring New Music in the North West.

The boys have their fingers on the pulse of the music scene and have many sources of getting their hands on new music - from the gig and festivals they attend, to the bands reaching out to ask their honest opinions and asking for airplay, to PR agents and recommendations from across social media.

Den and Paul take pride to always to listen to all of the music they get sent; but, saying that, it doesn’t all make the grade and they have a commitment to themselves, and to The Buzz, to only play the tracks that truly stand out.

The one thing that we can guarantee with Den and Paul is that each week you are listening two lads with their fingers on the pulse, and their ears, to the ground of the UK music scene, and an unflinching desire and passion to find and play the very best new music around, and to share the cool and classic from across the genres and the decades.

The Big Slice Radio Show airs every Sunday on The Buzz Mcr between 6pm and 8pm.

You can find out what Denis and Paul are up to at the below links:

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