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How can we know which path to take at the crossroads?

“Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road, follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road…” - Several hundred Munchkins.

Sometimes, on our journey through life, we’re so busy looking at the map that we don’t notice the path beneath our feet.

Even though that path might be as bright and shiny as the yellow brick road.

But, we’re so focused on getting to the destination that we don’t notice what’s right beneath our nose.

There are also times, on our travels, when we see other people walking their paths and we think their path looks better than ours.

Their grass looks greener.

It’s just perspective though.


Everyone’s path is ultimately the same, it just looks different from where we’re standing.

Of course there are also times where the journey can feel relentless and our destination seems so out of reach.

At these moments we might stop to recharge our batteries and reflect on our journey so far.

When we get back on the road again, we have a renewed sense of purpose.

We begin to just appreciate the process of walking.

We notice more of the landscape around us.

Life, for many of us right now, feels like bumpy terrain.

We’re off-roading, literally.

And, there are many more crossroads appearing, forks in the road, where we are being asked to choose a path.

But, we must also realise, not everybody is going to make the same choices as us.

We have to honour their choices and the path that they have chosen; and carry nothing but love in our hearts for them as they make their own way.

We might not always appreciate it but our individual journeys are epics.


Each and every one of us.

And every epic needs a great soundtrack.

That’s where we come in.

We create The Buzz Mcr each day to serenade you on your journey.

So, crank it up - in every way.

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