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We made a promise when we first created The Buzz.

We would do things differently to other radio stations; we wouldn't interrupt the music for ad breaks, and we would be all about building community.

And now, even though we're coming up to our 4th birthday, we've still been 100% true to our word.

We're unlike any other commercial radio station, and our listeners tell us this constantly.

We have never stopped the music for ad breaks.

But hey, every business has to be financially viable, right?

So, we created a way to grow our business whilst still adhering to all 3 of our promises.

And helping our community in the process...

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You see, commercial radio has nationalised all the local stations. It's predominantly owned now by two corporate giants.

They had to do this in order to make commercial radio viable.

Running hundreds of local stations wasn't sustainable anymore.

And now they've pooled all those local audiences into one huge audience, they have a very successful business model.

But there were two hugely important groups that lost out as a result of this corporate takeover.

1. The Radio Listener. 

They've lost that local radio, community station that they grew up listening to; they have to listen to ad breaks every 15 minutes; small and repetitive music playlists.

2. Small/Medium Businesses.

They used to be able to afford to advertise on local radio and it helped them grow their businesses. Now, though, they can't afford to advertise on radio, the space is too expensive, and the production costs are too high, and even if they could afford it, they would be competing with upto 24 other companies each hour who share the ad space with them.

It's hard to get noticed.

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So, we created a way that we could generate revenue for our business, not stop the music in the process, AND help support our community by providing them with a unique and innovative marketing opportunity that would help them grow their businesses too, AND that they could afford.

Our solution was to offer up 12 slots each month for companies to exclusively own an hour a day of our station's output.

They wouldn't compete with any other companies in that hour each day.

It would be theirs exclusively.

They would get 4 mentions per hour.

We wouldn't charge for production costs.

They could reach a potential DAB radio audience of 1.4 million people in the Manchester/Salford region, and an unlimited national audience via our App, Streaming, and Smart Speaker listeners.

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And it worked!!

Our listeners loved the innovative way we used our sponsorship model, and it didn't interrupt the flow of the music.

Our customers loved how they sounded on the station.

It made their brand sound and feel special.

They loved the exclusivity of owning the hour.

They loved how their brand sounded when positioned between two incredible songs, four times each hour.

Their sales increased.

Their brand awareness grew.

They started to see the unlimited creative potential the opportunity provided to create innovative content on the air.

If you would like to find out more about this opportunity and help to get your business out there, then please get in touch with us and we will be happy to chat some more about how we can help you to grow your business in a unique and innovative way.

You can call us on 07932 883 368

Or email us at

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