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This is why the underdog can win every single time...

In the world of radio, The Buzz Mcr could be considered a small fish in a big pond.

But, we actually really like being the underdog.

There’s no expectations on us, so we can do whatever we want.

It’s David versus Goliath, and we all know who won that battle.

So yes, compared to other stations, we don’t have their deep pockets or resources, but, we have huge hearts, self-belief and confidence bordering on obnoxious; you could just call that the 'Mancunian swagger'.

But, that’s how David beat Goliath - with heart, with faith, with belief.

So, being small can sometimes be a great advantage.

People underestimate you, and that leaves you free to do your own thing without the scrutiny of others.

We do our best work when left to our own devices.

Theodore Roosevelt said "comparison is the thief of joy". Teddy was right. When we look to others and perceive our own lack or unworthiness then we are robbing ourselves of our true value.

There's always going to be someone bigger and better.

Great, leave them all to fight to the top. The peak of that mountain isn't necessarily where true happiness is to be found anyhow.

You do you. That's a great starting point.

But, there are other times in our lives when we are actually made to feel small.

If we look a little closer we can see that limitations are placed all around us from an early age.

You can’t do this.

You mustn’t do that.

We are taught that struggle and pain is the key to survival and success.

We are never shown our innate abilities to attract abundance or to heal ourselves.

We are constantly distracted by vices and devices so that we never realise our own wisdom.

We give our power away too easily.

And, we can’t blame others - our parents, our bosses, or even the government - because we choose how we respond to external stimuli.

WE choose.

And if we choose, then we can choose again.

We can choose who we are, what we stand for, what we stand up for.

We can choose to zig where others zag.

We can choose to be our authentic selves regardless of the rules and regulations.

We don't need to compare, we don't need to compete. When you are doing your own thing, just being you, none of that matters.

So, sometimes being a small fish in a big pond feels just perfect. When others assume you're just a goldfish be a piranha.

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