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The Most Important Journey We Will Ever Take

(From the head to the heart).

It’s tough out there.

The world has gone mad, and it’s so easy to get drawn into the fear that is prevalent.

But, as tough as it is out there, sometimes it’s even tougher ‘in here’.

For no matter what is going on in the world outside, the world we process on the inside is where we truly experience life, or not.

Sometimes, you can feel like you’re going crazy, like nothing makes sense anymore.

And your mind will desperately try to work it all out, and that just gets you into even more trouble.

Some lessons seem so hard to learn, they burn.

It’s been said that the hardest journey that we can ever make is the eighteen inches from the head to the heart.

I can definitely vouch for that one.

But, it’s the only journey worth taking if we want to be happy, regardless of how challenging and scary it might seem.

So, how do we get there?

With a lot of self-love, a heap of compassion and with the help of good friends who totally understand and accept you, no matter what you are going through.

And, of course, with a soundtrack of music that soothes your soul, calms your mind, and opens your heart.

There is nothing quite like music to change your mood and help you to feel yourself again.

You see, it’s the simple things in life that bring us back to ourselves.

It’s never the devices or the things we can buy that really make a difference.

Friends. Music. Books. Nature.

Ordinary, and simple.

And yet, so powerful.

So, if you are feeling the pressure right now, stop. Take a breath.

Get back to basics.

There’s happiness to be found in that simple place.

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