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The Good Times Come Flooding Back When You Hear Certain Songs

The magical power of music to make you feel good.

We had a bit of a cosmic experience last week.

We decided to take a walk after lunch, the sun was out and so we thought we’d hold an impromptu outdoor Buzz meeting.

Before long we found ourselves in a local park, and we realised that we hadn’t been in that place together for almost thirty years.

This park was where we had got up to most of our teenage mischief - I think you can probably guess what I mean by that - and so being back there felt kind of strange.

We found the carpark, the scene of so many of our youthful misdemeanours.

What had once been pristine and new, was now overgrown and derelict.

Thirty years of our life lay in between.

It felt odd, like we were on the set of a movie.

It was warm and sunny and so we kept on walking, to places we had never ventured before; the road less travelled.

We kept on talking and walking, and lost our way on numerous occasions, and then chose to follow paths we could only hope would lead us back home again.

Then, from nowhere, one by one, by total synchronicity, we ran into people - but not just random strangers - the very same friends we had spent time with back in the day in this very park.

We stood there as a group, together, for the first time in 30 years, on pretty much the very same spot we had stood back then.

It was cosmic. It was strange. It was magical.

Later that day, when processing the ridiculous synchronicity of earlier events, and reminiscing about the times spent in that very park, an entire soundtrack started playing in my head.

I realised that all those memories had music associated with them.

Tracks that if I hear even now transport me right back to the original moment, and will always be special to me.

Much of that music we recorded from the radio; a great deal of it from Stu Allan’s shows.

So, it made me feel incredibly grateful that The Buzz Mcr is doing, now, exactly what it was that we loved about radio and music back then, and also to have Stu Allan alongside us on the journey now too.

But, it also got me thinking about the twists and turns we take on our path, never truly knowing where we are going, but trusting something deep inside ourselves, and having faith that it will eventually lead us back home.

And, you get to meet some amazing people along the way.

And, music and radio play the magical soundtrack that accompanies you on that journey.

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