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We All Know The Power Of Music To Make You Feel Good.

Why music can help us to be happy.

We all know the power of music and how it can make us feel.

It raises our spirits and lightens our load.

Even in those darker moments, when we feel lost or sad, we can wallow in certain songs and they wrap around us like a gentle, soothing hug.

In moments like these music can be like a friend to us. A good friend.

Always there, waiting.

Never judging.

At other times too, music can take on an almost mystical presence.

We’ve all had those moments when you catch a song - on the radio, in the background of a film, or in a shop - and it’s just what you needed to hear.

Or when you are listening to a song you know really well and suddenly, seemingly from nowhere, the lyrics take on a meaning and poignance that you had never seen before.

In that moment something cosmic takes place.

There’s a communication between you and something else, something higher.

You feel like the universe has just aligned to bring that moment just to you.

Essentially it has.

We live in a Universe that is essentially vibrational frequencies.

And all around us are vibrations we cannot necessarily sense with our five senses - radio frequencies, wifi, sound waves - we need ‘devices’ to tune into these frequencies.

Music is really just sound vibrations and our brain is the device that tunes into those various frequencies.

Our ears then hear the vibrations as sounds, and our heart feels the emotions of those sounds.

Music is a total mind, body and spirit experience.

That’s why it is so powerful and so important to us.

Especially now.

It’s also why, when we are asked, we tell people that The Buzz Mcr isn’t just a radio station, it’s Good Vibe Radio.

We have only one aim in our hearts - to provide the music that makes people feel good.

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