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Only You Can Make You Happy

We are responsible for our own responses to life. Oh, and music helps too.

“Be good to yourself, cause nobody else has the power to make you happy.” - George Michael, Heal The Pain.

It’s tough out there right now.

These are unprecedented times.

The future feels really uncertain.

We need to dig deep and call on our inner resources, and to not allow fear to get the better of us.

We need to surround ourselves with things that feel good.

Of all the things that make us feel good, but aren’t actually bad for us, not much can beat the power of music.

Music feels good.

Some songs makes us want to dance, while others remind us of good times past.

But, then there are those special songs that truly inspire us.

They connect directly with our heart; it’s not just the music it’s the lyrics, the vibe, the meaning, the specific moment in time when you first heard it.

These extra special songs are so powerful to us.

They inspire us.

They empower us.

They transport us.

They transform us.

Nothing else can do that to us. Only music.

At times like these it’s important to call on the magic of those songs that help us and heal us.

Music performs a kind of alchemy within us.

We all need that right now.

So, find those songs that do that to you, and use them to lift you up.

Let us know what they are too; if they aren’t already on there maybe we can put it on our playlist.

You see, here at The Buzz Mcr we build our playlists each day with that philosophy in mind - what songs will make people feel good and lift them up?

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