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Trust is something earned not an algorithm.

After other radio stations disappointed, why should you trust The Buzz Mcr?

“The people when rightly and fully trusted will return the trust.” - Abraham Lincoln

When we were kids we didn’t think about building a radio station, we just wanted to create entertaining radio that captivated people and made them feel special, just like the local radio stations we used to listen to did for us.

So we created radio shows together in our bedrooms, and learnt how to utilise the available technology to do things it really shouldn’t do; this was the early 1980’s so by technology I mean a double tape deck and a microphone; we had fun nevertheless.

To cut a very long story short, this youthful ‘messing around’ culminated, almost 20 years later, with Adam winning the Sony Gold Award for Best Breakfast Show in the UK with Galaxy 102, beating off national radio stations in the process, and indeed Zoe Ball’s previously unstoppable breakfast show.

The point is that over the years we have been there, done that and well and truly bought the infamous metaphoric t-shirt (in almost every colour and size).

But, most importantly, we love radio.

It has been a huge part of our life.

And, we are saddened by what it has become.

The listener has been reduced to a mere statistic; the music selection is just an algorithm designed to maximise listening time and advertising spend; the dedicated skill of radio presenter, largely now replaced by celebrities, and, stripped of all creativity and personality, has been reduced to just reading scripts and promos.

A quarter of every hour is filled with adverts, news, travel and weather.

And lest we forget the mind numbing repetition of the statistically-determined music selection.

And meanwhile the ‘big boy owners’ have nationalised local stations and standardised output across the country.

And we, the listener, are the real losers,

Is it any wonder people are turning off in their thousands each year, and taking up podcasts, audiobooks and music streaming instead?

And, quite rightly so, we have all become cynical and skeptical about the promises that new radio stations make when they launch.

All too often we raise our hopes of a new radio station emerging from this debris and delivering us back to that special place where radio was at the heart of the city.

Always, they get off to a good start, but before long, that early promise becomes compromised and the initial passion and fire gets sadly extinguished; largely by commercial pressures and the need to compete with the rest, but ultimately to just survive at all.

And people have told us this, continuously; they’ve shared their hurt and disappointment at believing previous promises which ultimately turn into ‘sell-outs’.

So why would The Buzz Mcr be any different and why should you believe anything we say


We absolutely get it.

We’ve been disappointed too.

We have mourned the sad demise of local radio. We’ve pretty much worked at most of those stations too, so the loss has often been personal.

So, we built The Buzz Mcr to be the station that we have always wanted to listen to.

We are just two best mates, since childhood, who love radio and music with all their hearts.

We aren’t trying to build a business, or a company, or a corporation.

We are building a dream; our dream; to share with you.

And of course we need to make it sustainable, but never at the cost of what we put out on air.

We would rather not be on air at all than become something we would never listen to ourselves.

And we know this is all just talk; you’ve heard it all many times before.

The only way you are going to be able to see if we walk the talk is to listen to us, and if you like us then support us.

And then, talk to us.

Tell us what you think.

Help us create this station in the image and vibe of this great city.

We pride ourselves in being a station with ears and not just a mouth.

We want to listen, we want to learn.

If you are okay with us doing our growing up in public, and we are happy to make mistakes and learn in public, then there’s no reason that we can’t build something special together.

Something that is truly ours, again.

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