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The one thing that makes you happy and is also good for you.

Most things that make us feel good are usually bad for us too.

As Mancunians, famed for our party culture, we know this quite well.

Perhaps some people have their ‘resolutions’ still intact, in a bid for a healthier start to the year.

But, many others attempts will have already fallen by the wayside, especially in the wake of early January’s government announcements.

But, there is still one thing left that we can enjoy; it makes us feel good, happy even, and it isn’t bad for us. Not even slightly.

And that is…..Music.

Music can make you smile within an instant.

It can shift your mood.

Blow your mind.

Raise your spirits.

Heal your heart.

Music unites, it brings us together, and with just one thing in common - enjoyment.

Writer and humorist Fran Lebowitz, in the new Martin Scorsese Netflix series, Pretend It’s a City, says about music, “Music makes people happier and it doesn’t harm them. Most things that make you feel better are harmful. It’s very unusual. It’s like a drug that doesn’t kill you.”

Using that analogy then, The Buzz Mcr plies you with the pure, unadulterated good stuff.

That’s why we created it in the first place.

We wanted to make people happy through a shared love of music.

We wanted to play the kind of music that could put you in a good mood and help you cope with whatever else is going on in your life.

So, when you write to us and let us know that we did just that, then it makes all the hard work worthwhile.

And, it further goes to prove how beautifully contagious and powerful music is.


Get your Buzz ON.

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