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Radio is dead, long live Radio!

Why Should You Bother Listening To The Buzz Mcr?

To put it simply, you won’t hear anything quite like The Buzz Mcr.

We know that sounds a bit obnoxious, but that’s just it, when you listen to The Buzz Mcr it does sound a bit obnoxious.

And the main reason for that is that we were hacked off and mindlessly bored with what is generally on offer when it comes to other radio stations.

It has all become…a bit safe…a bit samey…..mediocre.

And that just isn’t good enough.

So we set out to create a different kind of radio station, something that we would love to listen to.

And we are quite different.

First off, you won’t need to keep turning to other stations when the adverts, news, travel or weather come on, that’s because we don’t have any of that.

And, during the day we aren’t going to have any presenters talking nonsense, because we aren’t going to have any daytime presenters.

Although, we must concede that our station idents are a bit edgy and would probably have us taken off air. That was if we had to answer to any radio authorities, which of course we don’t.

So, essentially, the focus is entirely on the music.

Our music policy cuts right across the genres and the generations, and because our playlist is almost ten times the size of most other stations, you will hear great music all day long with absolutely no repetition that day.

And, for the weekend evenings, we are going to have presenter and DJ led specialist music shows, to provide the ultimate soundtrack to your weekends.

So, as you can see we are quite different to the rest of what’s out there in radio. And, that’s why we sound just a bit obnoxious, and, dare I say it, a little bit smug.

And, the fact that you are reading this means you are probably somebody who also thinks quite differently to other people too.

Now I’m not saying you are obnoxious, like we have already established that we clearly are, but there is a certain irreverence about you that you do quite enjoy.

You don’t want to be just like everybody else.

You like to discover things before other people do.

You zig where others zag.

You’re an outsider.

Standing on the outside looking in is the best view anyway.

Great things come from the edge. They don’t come from comfort zones.

And, that is why I think we are all going to get along beautifully.

After all we are on a crusade against boredom and mediocrity, and to prove that the best times of our life aren’t just in the past.

And, of course, every rebellion must have an incredible soundtrack.

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