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Learning to unlearn could be the best thing we need right now.

Why we need to be curious to survive these challenging times.

‘Here we go again’ seems to be the general feeling as we find ourselves in the middle of yet another lockdown; this time around though the weather won’t be so kind to us.

And, we’re all a lot wearier but nevertheless a little wiser than we were the first time around.

With what we know now we can understand that nothing can ever be guaranteed again.

And we thought we knew.

We thought we had our life kind of figured out; well at least some of it.

We had plans, dreams, hopes and ambitions.

Some of those plans were simple things like hanging out with our friends and family; other dreams were loftier like growing our business or travelling to far away places.

And yet, at the moment it feels like we just can’t make plans at all.

But, we love to make plans.

Plans make us feel like we are heading somewhere like we have a purpose.

They give meaning to our lives.

But maybe, just maybe, those plans were just mirages all along.

A blurry, unreachable oasis that always remained on the horizon of our vision.

Our plans were just our imaginings which gave us a sense of forward movement, and really the future was always just tragically fragile after all.

So when the past is gone, and we can no longer look to the future with much certainty, and when our liberty is being constantly challenged, there’s only one place we can find any peace of mind and freedom.

Here, right now, in the present.

But to do that we have to unlearn.

We have to forget the things we thought we knew.

They no longer work anyhow.

We have to find new ways.

New ways of thinking, new ways of seeing, new ways of acting, new ways of interacting.

We learnt that firsthand when we created The Buzz Mcr.

Radio wasn’t working anymore, it was flatlining, right before our eyes.

We knew we had to forget everything we thought we knew about radio, drop the expectations, ditch the assumptions.

We had to take the rule book and throw it away.

It was a huge risk.

There was a very good chance that people might hate it.

We didn’t know if anybody would get it.

But, thankfully, you did get it, and in your thousands too. And you told us, over and over.

Perhaps there’s something inside of us that knows change is necessary, even when it feels scary or uncomfortable.

But, when you embrace it, welcome it even, then the journey can be exhilarating rather than


We are being shown this in our world right now.

It’s up to us to learn to unlearn.

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