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How to get rid of our big 'buts'.

There's no excuse for excuses.

There are things you want to do.

You’ve been thinking of them for a long time too.

You’ve talked them over so many times, for years and years, often just inside your own head.

And they usually fall into three categories.




You should be more successful.

You would like to travel.

You could have been a rock and roll star.

If you are like most people you regularly ‘should’ all over yourself.

And there’s often only one thing that holds you back.

Your big, fat, ugly but.

That shopping list of excuses, that stops you in your tracks.

…. but I am too busy.

…. but I have bills to pay.

…. but I’m too old.

Of course, these are all pretty robust excuses, most of them very valid and justifiable.

The problem is that we use excuses and we allow our ‘buts’ to avoid taking risks, to keep ourselves safe from failure and rejection.

Ultimately though when we lean on our excuses, we are the only losers and we remain unhappy, unfulfilled.

There comes a time though when you have to stop listening to your ‘buts’ and just dare to try.

What’s worse - giving something your best shot and failing or never even trying at all?

It’s never the outcome that’s most joyous anyway; the secret sauce is in the journey, it’s in the experience, the doing, the trying, the learning.

We know this as well as anyone.

We talked about building a radio station together since we were 11 years old.

And we talked about it every few years from that point onwards.




And then, at the start of March, just days after the lockdown was announced, we decided we had had enough of our excuses.

And we set out to build the radio station we had always been dreaming of.

And one small step at a time, that’s what we did.

We faced our fears. Embraced failure, and just committed to the journey, regardless of where we ended up.

And we built it.

People think we popped up overnight.

It actually took us 37 years.

It was the best thing we ever did.

And now we truly know what it means to kiss our own buts.

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