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Easy Like Sunday Morning

6am - 10 am

The musical hangover cure.

Musical Alka Seltzer; fizzy, sweet tunes to help settle your stomach.

Non-stop genre-melting music to ease you in to the morning after the night before.


Get The 80s

10am - 11am

Non-stop 80s music; and trust us when we say we don't just play the hits.

Relax, don't do it, when you want to go to it. Relax, don't do it, when you want to sock it to it.

Sound advice to live by from Frankie. Makes perfect sense to us.

Image by Drew Beamer

The Sunday Service

11am - 1pm

And on the sixth day God created Manchester; then on the 7th day he sat back and listened to the tunes that echoed from the clubs and bars of that great place; and he was happy.


Get The 90s

1pm - 2pm

Non-stop 90s tunes.

Ahh the 90s lyrics were the best; our favourite piece of lyrical magic is Beck,

"With the plastic eyeballs/ Spray-paint the vegetables/ Dog food stalls with the beefcake pantyhose."

We honestly couldn't have put it any better ourselves.

Image by Drew Beamer

The Sunday Service Resumed

2pm - 4pm

It's that weird time of the week, the limbo land between day and night, weekend and week. Even talking about it is making us feel tired and drained.

There's only one thing for it - a bath in Perrier water, Champagne on ice, Indian head massage and The Buzz Mcr playing Sunday Service Vibes in the background.

What? Isn't that how everybody spends Sunday afternoons?


80s Hour

4pm - 5pm

A second visit to the 80s but with deeper cuts, playing the songs you haven't heard for a long time, and won't hear on other radio stations.

Image by Drew Beamer

The Sunday Service Resumed

5pm - 6pm

Taking you from the 80s up to the latest and greatest with The Big Slice boys Paul and Denis at 6pm.


The Big Slice Radio Show

6pm - 8pm

The Big Slice Radio Show brought to you by Paul Owen & Denis Ferrige showcases classic tracks and the latest up and coming bands. This is the show with its finger on the pulse of the very best new artists out there.


The Miami Connection

8pm - 10pm

DJ Holiday delivers two hours of the sounds filling the dancefloors of Miami.


Safe As Houses with Tommy D Funk

10pm - 12am

The Eclectic Mix. A bit of everything is the only way to describe these two incredible hours with Tommy D Funk, brought to you direct from NYC.


The Comedown

12am - 6am

Music to help soothe the 24-hour-party-people, the revellers, the wide-eyed, the chasers of the dawn.

I'm not being funny but it's Sunday night/Monday morning - don't you have to get up for work tomorrow?

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