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Wide Awake Club

6am - 10 am

Musical caffeine for your soul.

Non-stop genre-melting music to kick your ass into the weekend.

Wide Awake Club is absolutely no relation to the colourful kids tv show featuring Timmy Mallett in an array of hawaiian shirts.

Well actually we totally stole the title from it. Well not really stole it, just borrowed it for a while.

We'll give it back, promise. 


Get The 80s

10am - 11am

Non-stop 80s music; and trust us when we say we don't just play the hits.

For fans of The Reynolds Girls, I'm sorry to say you will be very disappointed. Although in fairness to them they did say,

"What happened to the radio?
They never play the songs we know."

How wrong they were.

Warm Lights

Saturday Vibes

11am - 1pm

The soundtrack to your Saturday afternoon. A little bit of everything thrown in here to get you in the weekend mood.

Genre-twisting, decade-shifting rock, pop, indie, dance, hip hop and soul.

It's like a musical pick 'n' mix.


Get The 90s

1pm - 2pm

Non-stop 90s tunes.

If you remember the 90s then you probably weren't there.

A time of madness, mayhem and mind-blowing music. 

There's all of the good stuff here.

Expect the unexpected.


Saturday Vibes

2pm - 4pm

Saturday night is almost here and Saturday Vibes will put you in the perfect mood.

This is the soundtrack to listen to while you get ready to go out; pluck your eyebrows and shave your chest; and for the fellas....just throw yesterday's t-shirt on and you're sorted.


80s Hour

4pm - 5pm

A second visit to the 80s but with deeper cuts, playing the songs you haven't heard for a long time, and won't hear on other radio stations.


The Saturday Night Party

5pm - 12am

Party vibes from across the decades and the genres. The perfect soundtrack for your Spring and Summer Saturday nights.


The Comedown

12am - 4am

Music to help soothe the 24-hour-party-people, the revellers, the wide-eyed, the chasers of the dawn.

Keep on keeping on you crazy dudes, you're keeping the freak flag flying high for Manchester. And, we salute you for that.


The Get With It

4am - 6am

Besides the fact that these tunes are the actual answer to the meaning of life, they will help ease your way into a perfectly, beautifully, majestically hungover Sunday.

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