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The Get Up

6am - 10 am

Musical caffeine for your soul.

Non-stop genre-melting music to kick your butt into the brand new day.

This is musical rocket fuel. 

They are going to launch the next Space X with the songs from this section.

Watch this 'Space'.


Get The 80s

10am - 11am

Non-stop 80s music; and trust us when we say we don't just play the hits.

Did any decade have more one-hit-wonders than the 80s?

Oh the 60s and 70s did.

Okay, nevermind.

Well the 80s had lots anyway, and we'll play some of the best ones here.


The Get Thru It

11am - 1pm

Having a s*!* day at work?

Don't worry we've got the tunes to help you survive the workday.

Songs from across the genres and across the decades.

Look, let's be honest, you mentally stopped working at lunchtime on Thursday anyway, so you can get thru this afternoon; well with our help you can.


Get The 90s

1pm - 2pm

Non-stop 90s tunes.

Expect the unexpected.

And when we say unexpected we mean we might even sneak in a song from the cusp of the 80s to see if you are paying attention.

Nah, we would never do that to you.

Or would we?


The Get To It

2pm - 4pm

Playing you the sounds to keep you moving whilst you go through the motions of the mid-afternoon. Another day almost done.


80s Hour

4pm - 5pm

A second visit to the 80s but with deeper cuts, playing the songs you haven't heard for a long time, and won't hear on other radio stations.


The Get Back

5pm - 6pm

Whichever way you travel; by car, bus, train, tram, bike or on a small but perfectly formed elephant you've rescued from the circus; regardless we have got the soundtrack for your return journey.

We'll get you home safe and SOUND.


Back To My Roots with Stu Allan

6pm - 8pm

Stu Allan starts the weekend off with two hours of non-stop 80s soul, funk and electro.

The weekend starts here!


The Triple Dee Radio Show with David Dunne

8pm - 10pm

David Dunne presents two hours of uplifting House & Disco. 

The first hour is a Hotmix of the best upfront and new releases; the second hour features a guest DJ takeover from his team of "Resident Guest DJ's" including Greg Wilson, Tommy D Funk, Andy Daniels, Phil Rose and the Supernature Disco Collective.


Live For The Weekend

10pm - 12am

Cranky and Matt keep the night moving with their unique and quirky set of funky house anthems.


The Comedown

12am - 4am

Music to help soothe the 24-hour-party-people, the revellers, the wide-eyed, the chasers of the dawn.

It's Saturday morning, so basically anything goes, and here's the soundtrack for when it does.


The Get With It

4am - 6am

Technically this is still party-time; this is Manchester after all and we do have a reputation to uphold.

Beds are only for weeknights anyhow, everyone knows that.

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