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During the week the music never stops. No ad breaks, news, weather and travel, and no presenters or DJs talking.

But, on Friday nights at 6pm thing start to get a little bit different again.

We have a rosta of international DJs who bring the very best in specialist music. House, dance, electro, funk, soul and disco.

Stu Allan, David Dunne, David Morales, David Penn, The Cube Guys, ATFC, Shaun Lever, Si Forestiero, Queen B, Mark XTC and Jason Formosa, Marc Dennis & Tony Walker with Love To Be Global Connection, Cranky and Matt.

You can find out more details about each show at the schedule page by clicking HERE.


Click HERE to listen to the live broadcast of the station.

Or, just type PLAY.THEBUZZMCR.COM into your browser.

Or, click the red button below.


Enable your Alexa skill by clicking the Alexa image below.


Or, you can search 'The Buzz Mcr' on the Alexa app on your phone, or on the Amazon store webpage or app.

Click 'enable skill'.

Then say to Alexa,

"Alexa Play The Buzz Manchester"

Once setup you can also use the commands,

“Alexa, Open The Buzz Manchester” 

“Alexa, ask The Buzz Manchester what this song is"




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