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We lost a battle but we won the war of hearts.

Manchester has demonstrated once again how to take care of people.

So, although Manchester lost a small battle with the Government last week, we gained so much more from the experience.

And, we emerged with self-respect, dignity and great pride. We stood up for ourselves and for the people we care about, and we wouldn't allow ourselves to get bullied and pushed aside.

It doesn't matter whether you like Andy Burnham or not, or if you are one of those who questions his motives, he had a job to do and he did his best to fight for the people of this great city and to ensure that they were properly looked after.

No other city had a representative as outspoken and passionate.

And then there's Marcus Rashford.

A young man, who divides the footballing city, but unites the hearts of everybody, even blue and red. Another proud Mancunian who wouldn't take no for an answer and so took matters into his own hands, with incredible results.

He's the kind of human that makes you proud to be a Mancunian.

And yet, besides our heartfelt efforts to take care of others, it still feels like we are just one tiny decision away from facing even harsher regulations, and that like naughty school children we’ve been told to behave, otherwise there will be consequences.

And, yes, of course, Manchester is known for its party culture, but it’s also well known for its hospitality and friendliness - we don’t need to be reprimanded in order to know how to care for one another - it’s in our DNA.

And so to see our arts, culture and events industries decimated in the way they have been, and potentially still will be, is devastating, and a real kick in the teeth to what this great city stands for, and is built upon.

This city has always had music echoing through its streets.

Whether it was the clubs, the bars, or the live venues - there was always some beat, some melody, some vibe that spilt out on to the pavements and was carried along by the heady revellers as they made their way from place to place.

But now there is just silence.

Music has been discouraged entirely, and government regulations have even stated that any music played must be at a low volume.

And while we still have more freedom than we did back in March and April, as a city we are subdued.

We understand that in the coming months we each have to play our part in trying to get back to ‘normality’, but we also want some assurances of Government support to ensure fewer cultural casualties.

So, when this chaos is all over, the vibrant heartbeat of our great city can pulsate once again, and we can rejoice and celebrate together.

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