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Making Noise. Creating Waves.

It's the message, not the medium, that matters.

The invention of radio communication is generally attributed to Marconi, back in the 1890s, but it actually spanned decades and involved loads of other great minds.

The basic idea was that the wires needed for transmitting information electrically could be eliminated and therefore create a wireless telegraph.

They basically invented wifi over 130 years ago.

And while the technology has evolved over the years, the premise is still the same; energy and/or information is transmitted wirelessly.

So what we now call the phenomenon of ‘radio’ is really referring to the content rather than the actual technology.

And, right through the 20th century, despite other technologies also taking hold, Radio remained at the heart of the country and the community.

It informed us, entertained us, serenaded us, and brought us together locally and nationally.

But, then something changed.

It became relegated in its perceived importance in our lives; trumped by newer technologies and then pillaged commercially in order to squeeze out every last drop from what appeared to be an already dying medium.

Radio, once so important to us, was standardised, nationalised and essentially sterilised.

Decisions were being made by accountants and market researchers.

Listeners became demographics and ultimately were the real losers in all of this.

So, we knew we had to do something to finally change that.

But, in order to do so, we would have to challenge the prevailing preconceptions of what radio should or shouldn’t be.

We knew it wouldn’t be received well by everybody.

People generally resist change.

It causes uncertainty.

Uncertainty feels scary.

And, we get that, but we couldn’t let fear cloud our decisions.

And some people, unsurprisingly, have said we aren’t a radio station because we don’t come out of a radio.

It’s a fair point for them to make, given their resistance to change.

But, our mission was to bring people together over a love of great music and to remove any unnecessary obstacles to that.

We were going to do that regardless of the rules, the expectations, the limitations.

Our mission has always been clear to us:

Make Noise.

Sound Different.

It’s a bit punk, which of course we love, but it also keeps us focussed on what is important; making waves, ruffling feathers, challenging the status quo and doing it by utilising our own, individual, unique voice.

It can be a mission statement for all of our lives.

We aren’t here to pander to the past.

We are here to move things on.

The old ways don’t work anymore. It’s never been clearer.

Just look around us at the world right now.

It’s broken.

And the old fixes don’t work anymore.

We have to do it this time around with love and kindness, not fear and anger.

Make Noise.

Sound Different.

Make Noise Sound Different.

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